Promotional vs Informative In Content Marketing And SEO

Promotional and informative content are two different things. Understanding the difference between these two types of content and the queries they are directly related to, could make the difference between your business blog or website SEO and content marketing success or failure.

Promotional vs Informative In Content Marketing And SEO

Your blog vs your business pages

Making this distinction with clients often helps to grasp not just the different type of queries, but also how these relate to the notions of content marketing and even “being social”, on social media. As opposed to broadcasting only your own sales message.

Your business pages – content pages where you sell your great product or services, and these have a clear intent to sell something. A user landing on this page will often come with the intention of performing a transaction.

Your blog posts – with the exception of a company news category, most of your blog posts should be informative and about your subject matter, rather than directly about your service or product. For example, this post is about queries and content types and not about how awesome and great we are. Even though we may well be 🙂

Of course, you can also have informative pages, depending on your site and target audience.

Here’s Wikipedia definition of the two types of queries, I know what you are thinking, Wikipedia, yes perfectly to the point in this case.

Informational queries – Queries that cover a broad topic (e.g. Colorado or trucks) for which there may be thousands of relevant results.

Transactional queries – Queries that reflect the intent of the user to perform a particular action, like purchasing a car or downloading a screen saver.

Promotional content and content marketing

Generally by its very nature promotional content is not suited to do content marketing.

Content marketing is it’s own discipline now firmly established, and the golden rule in simplistic terms, is do not promote, participate, contribute and inform instead.

Let your users and target audience find out how awesome you are all by themselves, no need to tell them yourself. We could also say that promotional content is best suited to paid media or paid attention where you actually pay directly for the attention in some way.

Promotional content for SEO and social

The relation here is not the same as above, of course, you need to rank and optimise for your services and products directly, this means, you want your “business content” to rank for transactional queries.

“[service] consultant London”, Blue widgets, yellow socks, Xmas pies, etc. etc.

Again as opposed to the above, these pages are not very well suited for social and content marketing, if you pay attention, most sites, for example, may not even offer social sharing buttons on their service pages, as it is not very likely users will share this type of content to their social streams.

Informative content and content marketing

Informative content is very well suited to content marketing and social media, as you are not attempting to shove your sales agenda down your visitors throats at every opportunity.

One of the reasons business blogs and blog posts fail to gain any social interaction and very little SEO or ranking power is due to the failure to grasp this simple concept.

We could go as far as to say the Author’s, authority and social presence, play a role here not just with users but also with Google, even though they scrapped “Authorship” – [author’s G+ profile pictures on the SERP, Google results page]. Those principles and their underlying value still as relevant as ever.

Informative content for SEO and social

Informative content is great for SEO and social, long live informative content, now that you read through all the above and know the difference between these two, how they relate to the types of queries and directly to how social friendly your content is.

All you have to do is to get a little creative and think about your users, what questions they might have, answer those and participate, REMEMBER to be informative, you need to leave your sales agenda out.

There is plenty of space for that in your business pages, your informative content will assert your knowledge and authority in your subject matter, once you do that, your users or at least some of them will come looking for your services or products as a direct result of your informative efforts.

Google tends to find sites and in particular, blogs that truly operate on that basis, more trustworthy and thus having a better chance not just of ranking, but of maintaining these rankings over longer periods of time.

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Google Search Assistant From Mobile First To AI-First

Originally posted at Anglux UK in 2016.

I normally like to let the dust of the news settle before covering anything that really matters. This really matters, I’m covering just the day after the breaking news.

Google is fiercely leaving the web, getting into your home, your car and virtually anywhere.

Google Assistant Your own personal Google

You do not need to get the new fancy device or the “Pixel phone”, to have a taste of this, you can try Google Assistant with the Allo App for Android and iPhone.

Both have just launched, and the origin of all the fuss, from Google’s own blog to BBC and everyone else.

A couple of things are striking, unlike Siri, Cortana Or Amazon’s Echo, it can have a conversation with you.

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Introducing for Barcelona and Spain

With a few years of happy clients at the core of the tech city in central London, Anglux Digital is making inroads into Iberia.

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Anglux ES, is part of Anglux UK

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Our clients in Barcelona include the superyacht industry and some British expats, we currently focus primarily in SEO and CRO with English and Spanish for the brands with presences in both countries or with plans to expand to the country.

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