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Introducing Anglux.es. SEO agency in Barcelona with years of happy clients in the tech city in central London, Anglux is making inroads into Catalonia .

We love Barcelona!

Anglux specialises in search engine optimisation SEO, we also specialise in paid search and content strategy. We cater to a diverse client base, from tech startups and innovators all the way to the technology, sports, fashion, beauty, health and media industries, to mention a few.

SEO Agency in Barcelona

SEO Audits and Research

You can benefit from just one aspect of my services, such as an SEO audit or devising a strategy that you can implement with your team. Our SEO process consists of three stages, audits, strategy, implementation and there’s additional or stand alone SEO training if that is the appropriate fit for your business or your team.

In the initial analytical phase, we look at technical SEO factors, your content including keyword research and your promotion, which includes your social media presence and local SEO, as well as your link graph (the links from the web to your site). 

Our audits come rich with insight based on data and inform SEO and business strategy to grow your business.

SEO Agency in Barcelona


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